A meditation center as unique as your inner journey.

Mayu® is a community-owned meditation center in Denver, Colorado.

We welcome guests of every contemplative tradition, every spiritual belief, and every level of experience.

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"Each time I enter Mayu I'm struck by how the outer world seems to recede so that I'm able to gain the most from my time there, whether in a group sit or engaging in my personal practice."

Dorian M.

"Mayu is a place where I know I can find peace and serenity. I am able to find my center and let go of the weight that stress so often causes."


Amy J.

"Mayu has provided me with a space for healing when I am challenged by life. It is an oasis in a sometimes crazy chaotic world. I am grateful and privileged to be a member of this community."


Melissa W.

"My experience of Mayu is a sacred place of study, meditation, and relaxation that encourages a stress-free life. Opening the door leads me to an instant feeling of coming home, to myself. With that, I can be 'home' for the rest of the day, no matter where I am or what's going on!"

Beth H.

"Mayu is my oasis in the city. Going there brings meditation from just a nice idea into something that people actually do. I usually feel better after meditating there - more calm, rested, and appreciative of life."


Cliff C.

"I love walking into Mayu and feeling calm wash over me. It's a safe place to be. Being calm and safe allows me to restore my body, mind, and soul, work through thoughts and emotions, and allow a path forward to become clear. Then I take the calm, quiet groundedness with me when I leave."

Margaret M.

"I have been coming to Mayu for over three years. Previously I mediatited on my own with very mixed results. Having a place to come and share my experiences with others and have a sense of community with other meditators has deepeded my practice and given me clarity with my practice."

Bill P.

"Mayu is a lovely, welcoming sanctuary in the middle of the city. It is about building community with a collaborative business model that fosters community and neighborhood engagement. We are so fortunate for having such a peaceful place where relaxation and serenity are encouraged."


Jill F.

"My experiences at Mayu Sanctuary have helped me first learn to meditate and then develop a daily practice that is profoundly affecting my life."

Janice B.

"The folks at Mayu are very warm and made this novice feel welcome and at ease. They are very knowledgeable about various mediation practices and are eager to share without being overbearing. Mayu is a a gift to the city of Denver!"


Ari E.

"Mayu is a magical place! I walk in and find a wave of calm washes over me. I find the spot that calls to me (there are a couple of great options) and I sit down just to BE. Nothing else."


Zaphne K.

"I consider Mayu my sanctuary away from the chatter of the everyday world. At Mayu, I can unplug and be fully present to my meditation practice, and the atmosphere is perfect for cultivating a deeper sense of self."


Marianne P.

"Mayu is a welcoming, nonjudgemental sanctuary for those interested in trying meditation and finding what works for them."

Josef S.

"Mayu Sanctuary is the kind of urban refuge that is essential for supporting freedom in everyday life. Having a place to experience oneness is a work of love. The entire staff have created an atmosphere of acceptance, kindness, and peace that benefits anyone who walks in."

Beth H.

"Mayu is the only place on earth, including my own home, where I am guaranteed completely quiet alone time. Being able to take time for myself, absolutely interruption-free, helps me to be present with my family when we’re together. I’ve found that I have far more patience with the stresses of daily life with children than before I became a Mayu member."


Sara D.

"What I love about referring people to Mayu is the fact that there is a multiplicity of meditation practices from all walks of life, and spiritual (as well as non-spiritual) traditions represented. I can't think of any other resource in the Denver metro area that has this universal and communal approach to something so fundamentally wonderful in our lives!"

Joan H.

"Mayu is the best kept secret in Denver! A quiet, reflective, and peaceful space. Whether you are looking to try mindfulness practice for the first time or are a seasoned meditation expert, Mayu is a must!"


Alison K.

"I enjoy Mayu because it offers me a public space to practice meditation during my busy work days. It's easily accessible, affordable, and the hours accommodate my schedule perfectly. Calm and quiet environment, as well as friendly people."


Theo L.

"When I was going through one of the most challenging crises of my life, I discovered Mayu, an oasis that helped me reconnect with peace. Peace, introspection, personal growth, community, and higher consciousness are rare virtues in our culture, and Mayu cultivates them all. Mayu is one of the best things about living in Denver!"


Alan A.

"Mayu is a personal refuge. When the rest of the world is dividing and quickening I go to Mayu to slow down and reconnect with myself. I come away with the strength to focus and move forward in life and the world."


Nicole H.

"Mayu has been a pivotal piece of my consistent meditation practice. What I have learned from the knowledgeable staff about how to meditate has shaped my home practice. It is so refreshing to know that there is a place in the city that I can go to for a small escape to recharge!"


Ashley G.

"Mayu Sanctuary truly set me on a path that I hope to continue for the rest of my life. The mental and emotional benefits of a daily meditation practice have been incredible."


Mark H.

"Mayu is truly a treasure. It has helped bring calm and focus to my life, strengthened my relationships at home, calmed my physical and mental stress, increased my productivity at work, and helped me appreciate more about life. Just thinking of Mayu, even when I am not there, brings a sense of peace."

Christine B.

"Mayu provides a much needed space that is dedicated to my spiritual practice in a hectic life. Over the time I've been practicing in Mayu, I've experienced a deeper connection to my body, more consistent awareness of my breath, and a profound sense of becoming who I am even as I heal very old wounds. It is definitely a precious and sacred space for me!"

Diana L.

"Walking up to Mayu, my body starts to slow down. I feel a calm cascade from my head to my toes. Once inside the meditation room I feel a sense of coming home. After I leave, I notice the next day or two at work, I can touch those experiences to help me open my compassion for others."

Deborah B.

"Mayu is a peaceful, quiet space to explore meditation and learn from skilled, experienced practitioners who share a variety of disciplines. Mayu has helped me gain confidence in my capacity for intentional peace and stillness."


Kat W.

"I feel welcome to come with any state of being, and can relax once I walk in the door. It is incredibly calming and peaceful. I'm offered the tools to engage personally and with others in the way that's right for me that day. Thankful for this Sanctuary in the city!

Kat A.