Mayu is a community-owned meditation center.

We welcome guests of every contemplative tradition, every spiritual belief, and every level of experience.


Japanese: cocoon

 A place of stillness and protection that allows great transformation


Meet the Board of Directors



Mayu opened in October, 2011 in the heart of Denver’s metro area. Mayu’s innovative business model offered a drop-in meditation center without affiliation to a spiritual lineage, religious teacher, or specific tradition. The goal was to bring meditation into the everyday lives of ordinary people. Whether for the beautiful, serene atmosphere of the sanctuary, the relaxing walk-in services, or the wide-ranging contemplative classes, visitors expressed wonder and appreciation for this unique oasis.



Without fitting into a traditional non-profit model, nor a traditional for-profit model, Mayu began operations as an S-Corp. After three years of growth something special began to emerge. Visitors became members, members became enthusiastic advocates, and little by little a community of devoted supporters was forming.

At the same time, the leadership at Mayu began to feel the constraints of conducting ‘business as usual.’ As meditation practitioners, the management and staff saw the necessity to align business practices with core values. In 2015 the decision was made to convert Mayu into a Cooperative Corporation (a Co-op) – a collectively-owned, democratically-controlled enterprise based on equality, social responsibility, and sustainability.


In the years ahead, Mayu Meditation Cooperative will continue to evolve, offering services and support to those on an inner journey. Providing space where people connect with themselves through meditation is Mayu’s mission. Creating a sanctuary of stillness, both literal and figurative, is our vision. Together with our community of member-owners, Mayu will continue to reshape business, and transform lives, for years to come.

For an in-depth history of Mayu, listen to founder Cierra McNamara’s interview with Awakin.org. The interview begins approximately 3 minutes in.