“When I was going through one of the most challenging crises of my life, I discovered Mayu, an oasis that helped me reconnect with peace. Peace, introspection, personal growth, community, and higher consciousness are rare virtues in our culture, and Mayu cultivates them all. Mayu is one of the best things about living in Denver!” – Alan A.


5 Years

1000 Members

2000 Meditation Seats Sold

3000 Classes Conducted

Countless Lives Touched


Mayu was the first non-denominational meditation center in the country.

Today it remains the only meditation co-op in America.

“What if” is not some distant dream at Mayu. It’s the way we’ve been changing lives from the very beginning.


In June Mayu will launch a member-based fundraising campaign to expand the center.

(Donations will be accepted here in the coming weeks.)

Phase I – Meditation Garden

Nothing fosters balance and groundedness like Mother Nature. Mayu’s one-of-a-kind meditation garden will let members:

• sit in the beauty of flowers and foliage

• under an open sky or covered canopy

• 365 days per year


Phase II – Building Remodel

Mayu averages two new members every single day. With additional members requesting more classes, supplies and services, we need to make the best use of the space we have. By rehabbing the dilapidated areas of the building and remodeling the vacant suites, Mayu can provide:

• larger classrooms

• longer drop-in hours

• more retail supplies

• additional drop-in meditation spaces

• larger foot bath areas

• daylong retreat space




“Over the time I’ve been practicing in Mayu, I’ve experienced a deeper connection to my body, more consistent awareness of my breath, and a profound sense of becoming who I am, even as I heal very old wounds. It is definitely a precious and sacred space for me!”

Diana L.



Keep checking this page for fundraising updates, volunteer opportunities, and the latest expansion news.