Evening Retreat – A Still Center of Peacefulness

October 16, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
1804 S. Pearl Street Denver
CO 80210
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Cierra McNamara


Let yourself settle into a long practice period without the need to take an entire day off. These monthly sessions are mini retreats, the ideal way to hone your meditation skills as you develop more mental stability and patience.

Ideal for intermediate meditators preparing for half- or full-day retreat, and advanced meditators wanting an extended sit with instruction. Guided meditations are light – the majority of the evening is silent practice.

The 2.5 hour evening includes

  • Orientation and Teaching – 30 min.
  • Seated Meditation – 40 min.
  • Walking Meditation – 10 min.
  • Seated Meditation – 40 min.
  • Walking Meditation – 10 min.
  • Q&A, Discussion – 20 min.

October 16 – A Still Center of Peacefulness

Equanimity, or peacefulness, is said to be the most refined state of happiness. When we are unperturbed by difficulties or delights, a simple and sustainable joy emerges. This evening we will explore the idea and the experience of peacefulness. If you struggle with the highs and lows of running toward and away from life experiences, the insights from this evening retreat will bring you balance and clarity.


Instruction, Guided Meditation, Discussion


Best for meditators with at least 3 months of experience.



Mayu Co-op Members: $20

Cash, checks and credit cards accepted at the door.

Make checks payable to Cierra McNamara.

Prepay with Paypal.


Drop-ins welcome. You MUST arrive by 6:15 to pay and settle in.


Session begins promptly at 6:30. No late entry. No early exit.

Meditation cushions and chairs provided.

Beverages in sealable containers only.

Silence electronics and remove shoes before entering the classroom.

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