How to Consciously Create a Life You Love

September 15, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Mayu Sanctuary
1804 South Pearl Street Denver
CO 80210
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Muriel Wiesner and Brandy Walton
303-523-0306 or 719-369-9338


With kids back in school, the weather and leaves changing, and gardens harvesting all of the fruits (and vegetables) that we have looked after for so long, we too are shifting with the season. As we enter into Autumn, we have the opportunity to look at all that we have grown and harvested within ourselves, and to allow all of the things that no longer serve us to fall away. Being intentional about our lives and paying attention to nature as a reflection of who we are offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate, and realign with our most authentic selves.

How do you experience your authentic self? In our society, it is easy to experience life in a way that doesn’t feel genuine. Many of us unconsciously move through our days living on the edge of deep suffering due to not living in our purpose. Our purpose is to be who we truly are. No matter what that is for you individually, at the core, our only purpose is to live life authentically.

First, let’s get clear on what it means to “consciously create a life you LOVE”. From our experience, and from numerous psychological, spiritual and life studies, it is clear that we often have things backwards when it comes to living our best lives. It’s common to believe that our desires are what we must manifest and “get” in order to experience peace and happiness in our lives. Many of us have found ourselves on the hamster wheel chasing after our desires, only to get them and still feel incomplete. Why is that? If our desires are met, and we still find ourselves suffering, then what really does bring us happiness?

Happiness comes from being true to yourself—your Highest Self, not the image of yourself that you have adapted over your lifetime from family, society and peers; not your personality or unconscious survival mechanisms.

This workshop is about learning to how to be true to your real self not your ego self. Here’s what we are going to do: meditations, breathing techniques, contemplative writing and discussions, prayer, applied kinesiology, creative visualization, creative activities and lunch.

The philosophy behind these teachings is that practices such as meditation and self inquiry should be simple and easily accessible to all levels of consciousness. Whether you are just starting a journey of self discovery, or have been on this path for years, this workshop will provide you another step in your stairway to peace, love and enlightenment. Come as you are, and leave with a better sense of what that really means!

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Meditations, Breathing Techniques, Contemplative Writing and Discussions, Prayer, Applied Kinesiology, Creative Visualization

Lunch will be provided.


All levels welcome.


Please email to learn the next steps in signing up for this course. This workshop is limited to a small circle of people in order to provide an intimate setting enabling space for deep learning, questions and discussion.


Meditation cushions and chairs provided.

Beverages in sealable containers only.

Silence electronics and remove shoes before entering the classroom.






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