Welcome to Mayu

With heavy hearts we announce Mayu will be permanently closing September 30th. Please click HERE for details.

Liquidation Sale Begins October 5th. Details HERE.

Mayu is Denver’s retreat center for restoration, reflection and connection.

Mayu® is a community-owned meditation center in Denver, Colorado.

We welcome guests of every contemplative tradition, every spiritual belief, and every level of experience.

Life is loud, but your heart whispers.

Mayu provides what many people can’t find anywhere else: Quiet, safe space for rest, reflection, and connection.

Our Spaces:

Meditation Den Snapshot

Quiet Time, On Your Schedule

No teachers, no timeframe, no expectations. Enjoy a formal meditation space, optional guided meditations with iPod and headphones, or an afternoon of silent practice.

Your first visit to the Meditation Den is free. Walk-ins allowed based on space available. Appointments are recommended.

Herbal Foot Baths Snapshot

Immediate stress relief. Deep mind-body connection.

All foot baths are reserved for two hours so you can linger and sink in.

Your payment for a foot bath includes unlimited time in the center. Arrive early or stay afterward to enjoy the Meditation Den, Japanese Garden, or Library.

Reservations strongly recommended.

Event Rentals Snapshot

Host your wellness event, meditation retreat, or intimate gathering at Mayu Sanctuary, Denver’s most serene event venue.

Facilitate your own workshop, or customize a retreat with Mayu’s instructors and therapists.

6,000sf turnkey retreat center. Half and full day rentals available.

Store Snapshot

The largest selection of meditation supplies in Colorado.

Mayu is dedicated to meditation. It’s our specialty! Every staff member is a committed meditation practitioner ready to help answer your questions.

Free posture assistance and customized fittings for cushions and benches.