6 Reasons

6 Reasons to Buy Your Seating Supplies at Mayu:

1. With Colorado’s largest selection of sitting supplies you’re sure to find the perfect item, whether it’s your very first cushion or a replacement for your decades-old bench. Mayu’s collection includes products and styles found only in our store; many are even made locally.

2. Mayu’s knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions—from the many options and pricing of supplies, to correct posture, to solutions for those with injuries. There are no silly questions. Every one of our employees is a committed meditator, and knows from experience the trials and triumphs of every stage of practice.

3. Nothing convinces like the tush test! That organic floral zafu might look beautiful online, but you’ll never know how well it fits your body until you sit on it. Paying $10–$20 to return a cushion that wasn’t comfortable doesn’t save you money. At Mayu you can test-sit your cushion or bench—for 2 minutes to 2 hours—before buying it.

4. Mayu’s 30-day exchange policy lets you take your seat home, or on retreat, and bring it back for store credit if you’re not completely satisfied. Your cushion or bench is not only an investment, it’s a trusted friend—one that’ll be with you for years to come. Make sure your relationship starts off on the right track by giving your seat the 30-day test.

5. Customer service is the backbone of our business. We’ll never talk down to you, or talk over your head. Meditation practice has a language all its own, but we go out of our way to make your shopping experience fun, educational and supportive.

6. Nothing helps enliven our local economy like supporting small independent local businesses!