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Meditation Resources for Anger



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Meditations for Emotional Healing – Tara Brach









Radical Forgiveness – Colin Tipping







Emotional Freedom Practices – Judith Orloff



Movement Meditation

* There are countless meditation practices for anger. Please look at our other resource pages for additional practices.


What you’ll need: A quiet environment with few distractions

Meditation postures: Standing. If possible, barefoot and/or outdoors to help you connect with the earth.


Bring yourself to a standing posture with your feet comfortably at shoulder width, toes pointed straight ahead and knees soft (not locked).

Give yourself a few minutes to simply feel yourself breathing, to feel gravity connecting you to the earth, to feel yourself in this space and in your skin. You can do this with your eyes open or closed.

Spend a few moments feeling the energy in your body. Anger is a highly-charged emotion, it awakens every cell in the body. Very slowly scan your body, feeling the energy in your face, hands, heart center, stomach, and feet. Notice where, specifically, in the body you feel the energy most intensely.

Bring your full awareness to this most “alive” part of your body. If it’s possible and if it’s helpful, you can place your fingers or palms over this area. If you notice the energy in the body increasing, that’s fine. Simply notice what is happening. How do you sense the increase in energy? Muscle contraction? Heat? Shakiness? If the “goal” were not to diminish energy but rather to connect with it, could you keep your awareness here more easily?

If the physical sensations become too intense, bring your arms to your sides and shake out your hands. Imagine shaking out through your hands all the anger from your body. Do this for at least 30 seconds.

Let you hands fall still at your sides and bring your full awareness into them. How do they feel? Tingly? Chilly? Numb?

Take a few deep breaths and return your attention to the area in the body where you’d previously noticed intense energy. How does it feel now? See if you can connect with the sensations in the body there, feeling them more than thinking about them (experiencing them rather than describing them).

Allow that the sensations you’re noticing may intensify and/or diminish over time. They may intensify and diminish with every breath.

If the energy in the body diminishes in this area and you’re more aware of “aliveness” in another part of the body, gently bring your attention there.

Repeat the above steps as necessary (placing your hands over the area of intensity, connecting to the sensations, shaking excess energy through your hands) and repeating for as long as you’d like.

When you feel ready, stand as still as possible and take a few deep breaths. Feel your feet firmly on the earth or floor. Feel aliveness in the body. Remain standing for as long as you choose, recognizing any feelings of transition (less hostile, less afraid, more grounded) or any qualities of stability in the body.



These are merely suggestions. Use any words or phrases that are meaningful to you.


In this moment there is energy and aliveness.

In this moment I am connected with my body.

In this moment I breathe with patience and courage.