Board of Directors

Mayu Meditation Co-op is member-owned, member-operated, member-supported.

Board officers are elected from within Mayu Co-op membership. Practicing and Professional members have voting rights.

Board Chair: Deb Brackney

Board Officer since 2019

“In 2015 I saw an email invitation to become a member of the Mayu Meditation Cooperative.  Immediately I joined. I recognized this was an opportunity to bridge my wonderful, chaotic external world to the internal sanctuary found inside the walls of Mayu Meditation Cooperative. The Mayu bridge serves as my link between Action and Contemplation. It is the reason I am honored to be the Chair for the Mayu cooperative.  

“I have a strong belief in, and commitment to, the mission and vision of the Mayu. One of my career passions is to work with organizations whose mission and vision are what drives their success. Mayu certainly has a mission and vision that is not only important to our community; it is what powers Mayu’s operations.”

Board Secretary: A.C. Hill

Board Officer since 2019

“My meditation journey began in an earlier stage of my life. During high school my Chinese language teacher guided our class through meditative breathing before his instruction. I did not realize at the time, but a seed was planted, a seed that laid dormant for years, and fully bloomed once I joined the Mayu community. I joined Mayu in June 2018, and since that time my mind has been opened to the transformative nature of self reflection. I now meditate several times a week, and make a conscious effort to embrace drop-in meditation sessions.

“My collegiate journey provided me with the opportunity to hold various executive board positions. As a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, I served as my chapter’s Secretary, Historian, and Treasurer. These positions sharpened my communications and recording skills. I was personally responsible for recording minutes, creating budgets, and facilitating correspondence between my chapter and the school community. I look forward to serving you as Mayu’s Board Secretary.”

Board Treasurer: Cierra McNamara

Board Officer since 2015

“As the founder of Mayu I am continually amazed at the community which has formed to support this unique drop-in meditation center. From Day One the center has drawn in staff, visitors, co-op members and team leaders who enthusiastically carry the original vision forward.

“As manager of Mayu and as Board Treasurer, I have a 360 degree view of the co-op, a perspective I wish I could share with every member. Behind every dollar Mayu earns there is fellow seeker with a story – a person doing their best to navigate life, and who is grateful to have this community for support. It fills me with gratitude to watch the center evolve, witness friendships being made, and to be in service to our membership.”

Member-at-Large: Kristin Doherty

Board Officer since 2018

“I love this community and what Mayu Sanctuary represents. My involvement with the co-op has evolved over the years, and I view this as one of my strengths as I’ve grown in my personal practice here while witnessing Mayu’s own growth and expansion. 

“As a trauma-informed yoga teacher working with people in a behavioral health hospital and an addiction treatment center, I see more than ever, the importance and value of having a space like Mayu to connect, recharge, and learn. My background in education, marketing, and as small business owner offers a unique perspective to help me fulfill the duties for this position. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve this growing community.”

Member-at-Large: Dorian Merrill

Board Officer since 2018

“I started visiting Mayu regularly in the Spring of 2015 and have been a Full member of the co-op since early 2016. As one of the center’s “frequent sitters,” I visit for drop-in meditation and classes most days of the week and am an active volunteer, participating in work days, member events, and fundraising activities throughout the year.

“I understand the details of Mayu’s operations and wholeheartedly support the co-op’s mission. I have professional experience both running a small business and contributing to the success of a large public company, and also have experience as a long-term volunteer with other organizations to draw on. My pragmatic perspective, coupled with optimism for Mayu’s future, make me a balanced and capable member of the leadership team stewarding Mayu to continued success.”