ZZZ Business Memberships

“Burnout is not actually a problem. Problems have solutions.
When you apply a solution, a problem goes away.
Burnout is a dilemma. Dilemmas are perpetual balancing acts that require perpetual action.
You address a dilemma with an on-going strategy, not a one-time solution.”

 – Dike Drummond, MD Family Practice Management 2015

Make Mayu part of your company’s on-going wellness strategy.

Business Memberships provide immediate stress relief, and positive mental habits for a lifetime.

One-Time Launch Fee:  $100

Annual Wellness Plans:  $720 +

(pricing options below)


Wellness Visits Include:

> 2-hour stress-eliminating foot baths

> Drop-in meditation for rest and reflection (no time limit)

Visits take place at Mayu, an urban meditation sanctuary in the heart of Denver.

Wellness Plans

3 visits/month                 $720/year

5 visits/month                 $1200/year

10 visits/month               $2400/year*

20 visits/month               $4800/year*

30 visits/month               $7200/year*

* May be paid in monthly installments

Customized plans are available. Call 303-832-0033 or email info@mayusanctuary.com to discuss.


  • Wellness visits can be allotted differently each month to employees, management, vendors, VIP clients, etc.
  • Unused monthly visits do not roll over.
  • Wellness plans cannot be downgraded within the first 12 months. Plans may be upgraded at any time.