YYY Clairvoyant Reading and Energy Healing

Clairvoyant Reading and Energy Healing

Each of us has a light within us, the very essence of ourselves. But we do not always have the tools to find it and clear away the energy that hides it. Ali Sweeney offers clairvoyant readings to help you hear yourself, start to clear energy that isn’t serving you, and empower you to live the life you choose. Be prepared for your session with questions about your relationships, money, health, career, family, or other intentions.   Ali is known for laughter and joy throughout a reading. Even when the information is related to painful events, her clients often feel lighter and less burdened after a session.  


$125 for 60 minutes or $65 for 30 minutes


Ali is a professional clairvoyant reader and is certified by the Inner Connection Institute in Denver. As a trained psychic, she can be trusted to see you in your highest form and communicate clearly the information she sees related to your questions.