For the well-being of our community, Mayu is temporarily closed.

As we transition to online services, we remain focused on preserving our extraordinary meditation center and garden.

We are actively exploring government and private lending, and reducing expenses to every extent possible. Yet fixed costs continue.

Generosity is needed for Mayu to endure.

Weekly & Monthly Classes at Mayu

Are you craving community and connection?
Are you looking to deepen your practice or explore something new?
Are you new to meditation and not sure where to begin?

Mayu offers classes for all levels of experience including:


Book Discussion

Singing Bowls


Silent Meditation


Beginner Friendly



Regular Classes are Ideal For:


Explore the widest array of teachers and techniques


Fit classes into your schedule from morning to evening, 7 days/week


Develop and strengthen new habits with weekly attendance

Community Classes are Ideal For:


Popular events at the most economical prices


Affordable classes keep the doors open to everyone


Easy entry-point to explore everything Mayu offers 

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Classes by Type:

Beginner Friendly

Various styles. Perfect for anyone who is brand new to meditation, strengthening a budding practice, or dusting off an old practice.


Slow, gentle movement working with subtle energy and breath. Mind-body practices are great for restlessness, lethargy, and emotional blockages.

Silent Meditation

Unguided (no instructor), silent group sit. Great for experienced meditators looking to practice their own technique with the company of others.


Vocal- and instrument-facilitated practices. Active (chanting) and passive (sound healing) techniques use vibration to activate or subdue the nervous system.


Conversation-focused. Contemplative conversations invite you to “listen and be heard” within a casual yet structured container.


New techniques for intermediate practitioners. Explore a range of techniques that expand your outlook and push your practice.

Class Details & FAQ:

  • Class Length: 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes depending on the class.
  • Drop-in rates Regular Classes: $15 (Practicing Member) or $18 (Supporting Member)
  • Class Packages: Discounted 5-packs and 10-packs available for Practicing Members that may be used for any Regular Class.
  • Community Classes: Held weekly, monthly, or occasionally. They run 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. These are the most affordable group events at $5, $10 or donation-based. Your first Community Class is free. Subsequent Community Classes require co-op membership and payment or donation.
  • Membership: Your first Regular Class includes a lifetime Supporting Membership.

Interested in Teaching at Mayu?