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You’ve heard that Apple, Google, Nike, HBO, and other cutting-edge companies offer meditation in the workplace.

You’ve heard that some of the most successful business people of our time, such as Ray Dalio, Arianna Huffington, Marc Benioff, Oprah, and Jeff Weiner swear by meditation.

But how do you get from “I know my employees should meditate” to actually practicing mindfulness? Mayu bridges that gap.

What Mayu Offers:

On Site Programs

  • Mayu’s Signature Program: 8-week Meditation Sampler Lunch & Learn. Your employees need to eat anyway! We arrive once a week to offer 60 minutes of mindful meditation. Each week provides a different type of practice (breath awareness, stress reduction, concentration, mindful movement, etc.) so your employees can explore what practice works best for them.
  • 30, 45 or 60-minute drop in sessions – a great complement to a wellness day, a company retreat, Friday afternoons, etc
  • Half-day retreats
  • Full-day retreats
  • Customizable programming – Already know what your employees want? Let’s build it together.

Mayu In-house Programs

  • Change your location, change your mindset. Visits to Mayu level the playing field and break up routine.
  • Small or large group classes, half-day retreats, full day retreats.
  • Incorporate herbal footbaths, Japanese meditation garden, and more.

Meditation Challenges

  • Incentivize your team. Encourage some friendly competition to increase employee wellness across the office. We offer customized programs to train the habits your teams need.

Meditation Environment Consulting

  • Looking to build a meditation space in your office? From quiet corners to wellness rooms, we provide design consultation for creating spaces that are distinctive and productive.


  • For bonuses, incentives, VIPs, etc.
  • Whether it’s for one employee or the whole company, Mayu offers the mental health resources your company is missing.

What You Get – According to Science:

  • Less employee burnout
  • Better employee focus and efficiency
  • Less age and race bias
  • More creativity
  • Better workplace culture (less stress, complaining, etc.)
  • Happier, more energetic employees

Your employees’ mental resilience, happiness and efficiency are your company’s competitive advantage. It’s what produces and grows your profit, your brand and your impact. With employees spending more waking hours at work than anywhere else, mental wellness starts inside your organization.

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