YYY Expressive Painting

Expressive Painting for Health & Healing

Spiritual-based, Transpersonal-Style Therapy (see below)

In Expressive Painting we explore personal situations and concerns through talk and sharing, as well as through the art of sumi e painting.

After traditional talk therapy I demonstrate fundamentals of Expressive Painting via sumi e (ink on paper) brushwork for your exploration. 

You are then invited to explore your emotions, feelings, concerns, dream images, etc. through Sumi e Expressive Painting. This allows for an in-depth exploration of heart and soul through artistic symbolism, for your personal growth and healing. 

Each session is tailored to your needs, with mutual decision making regarding techniques to concentrate and practice with. At times, one hour for talk is sufficient; when painting therapy is involved, two hours is required. 

All art materials are provided. You may purchase kits for at-home use for $60. (Kits contain two large sumi brushes, rice paper, ink.) 


$150 for one hour

$250 for two hours – recommended with Art Exploration 

Contact: marilyn@marilynwells.com Website: marilynwells.com 

Bio & Background:

B.A., Hastings College, 1967, Education and Art. M.Ed., University of Alberta, 1980, Art and Education. Ph.D., Greenwich University, 2000, Jungian Psychotherapeutic Studies. Extensive personal work in Centering Prayer and Meditation through Contemplative Outreach, Meditation with Zen Buddhists, Catholics and Jewish tradition. 

Certification in Jungian Psychotherapy, C. G. Jung foundation, Denver, Co. Jungian fundamentals, 2 years; Jungian Psychotherapy, 1 year, Dream Study, Mythology, Fairy Tale Interpretation, and Alchemy. 

Workshops in Process-Oriented Psychology, developed by Jungian Analyst, Physicist and author Dr. Arnold Mindell, directed by Waynelle Wilder, President, Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology, Inc., Denver, Co. Dream Work by Marc Barasch, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Co. Lucid Dreaming, Stephen LaBerge, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Co. 

Trauma and Spirituality, Peter Levine, Denver, Co. 

Transpersonal Therapy

This holistic healing intervention evolved from the humanistic work of American psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1960s. It integrates traditional spiritual rituals into modern psychology and emphasizes positive influences and role models rather than concentrating on negative experiences.

This intervention is based on the idea that humans are more than mind and body but are also composed of intangible, or transcendent, factors that make up the whole person. Just as your mind and body sometimes require treatment, your spirituality and other intangible aspects of yourself often require healing of a sort.

A transpersonal therapist may draw from a variety of different religions and spiritual practices for tools and methods that can help you explore various levels of consciousness and use your spirituality to guide you through troubled times. 

(https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapy-types/transpersonal- therapy)