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International Psychology

Your Global Identity in a Complex World
Global Identity Development work is, in its essence, about finding home. Knowing one’s place in the unfolding of life allows us to experience ease in complexity. Working with Cole is settling in to the quiet space of inquiry that allows for shifts in consciousness toward a global perspective, even in the face of great suffering, with confidence in one’s choices, relationships, and lifestyle locally.


Specifically, this work focuses on:
– identifying one’s personal beliefs and theology about the nature of things
– deepening one’s practices to expand consciousness and allow for the felt sense of our interconnectedness
– developing specific global leadership skills that build confidence in one’s decision making and actions in day-to-day life
– and nourishing ease in life to allow for spontaneous creativity, meaningful awareness, and joy



About Dr. Cole Struhar
I am an international psychologist. I work with seekers, travelers, humanitarians, poets, closeted-optimists, global citizens, creatives, perfectly-imperfect humans, leaders and change agents.
I lived and worked in multiple countries, studied under diverse spiritual leaders, and dedicated my own life to bringing harmony to our big/small world.



PhD International Psychology

MA Counseling Psychology

BA International Relations

Ombudsman Certification

4 Units of Interreligious Clinical Pastoral Education

Specialty training in humanitarian coaching, liberation-based philosophy, cross-cultural collaboration, inclusion and equity, organizations and systems, stages of change, grief, international psychology, mindfulness-based resiliency, conflict mediation, addiction treatment, and leadership coaching. 

Certified in well established lineages to teach yoga, meditation, qigong, and reiki. Training in interfaith ministry.

I respect the tender nature of this work. I am confidential, compassionate, and I believe that your innate wisdom is the key to humanity’s ability to thrive with this perfect circle world.

The best way for us to know if we should work together is to meet. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with me at www.theperfectcircle.world.

If we are not the right fit I will support you in discerning your best options.