YYY Embodied Meditation

Embodied Meditation

Mindfulness in Motion

Do you feel stuck in your personal practice?  Do you have trouble being present in meditation?

Do you want to have an authentic lineage connection?  Are you looking for a deeper connection with your body?

Sometimes sitting still isn’t the easiest way to begin your meditation practice.  Moving your body mindfully can often help you find a place of clear mind.  In that place you can also find a deeper connection to your body and a more intimate connection with reality.

Connecting mindfully with your body calms your mind, opens new channels of creativity and expression, and gives you a more intimate connection to the present moment.


John Nangle is certified to teach the moving meditation practices of Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga, and Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword practices by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, Buddhist master and Doctor of Tibetan medicine.  John has also received the designation of Advanced Tantra Educator from the Source School of Tantra Yoga.  He practices and teaches meditation and mindfulness through the body, helping people to find deeper connections with their bodies and the embodied experience.