ZZZ Mayu Seat Accessories

Mayu Seat Accessories

Accessories for the Mayu Seat are in the development stage. We intend to add customized cushions and travel accessories to complete the Mayu Seat line.

In the meantime, we recommend the following suppliers for quality cushions that pair nicely with the Mayu Seat.



Sun and Moon Support Cushion

Sun and Moon make high-quality, affordable cushions in a range of sophisticated colors. These are the cushions we use with the Mayu Seat in our meditation center, so we know we’re built to last. The kapok fill will compress over time, though a thinner denser cushion never loses its comfort.

The SCKE support cushion measures 18″ x 12″.



Samadhi Cushions Gomden

The gomden is a unique foam cushion that offers remarkable support. Made with very firm foam, a gomden is an ideal way to “raise” the height of the Mayu Seat for individuals who are over 6′ tall. You can order gomden is 2″, 3″, 4.5″ and 6″ heights. While they aren’t inexpensive, a gomden should last a lifetime. They come in a range of colors with removable, washable covers.

The gomden measures 18″ x 12.5″.

Lucie is 6’2″ tall. She is using a full-size 6″ gomden.



Do you manufacture high-quality, weatherproof carrying cases? Let’s talk! Please contact us to inquire about creating customized travel bags for the Mayu Seat.