ZZZ Meditation Mentors

Beginning your meditation exploration?
Looking for guidance with techniques?
Needing inspiration to re-energize your practice?

Working privately with a mentor strengthens your meditation training by focusing on what you need, as you need it.

Mayu mentors have different backgrounds and training, and specialize in various traditions and techniques. Schedules and prices are determined by each mentor individually. Contact them by phone or email to request a consultation.

Traditional Meditation Practice

Zhalisa (“Zee”) Clarke

Specialties: Meditation for Beginners, Mind Body Awareness, Chronic Stress Relief

Trained in India, Zee’s meditation practice is heavily influenced by the Vipassana tradition.

She specializes in mind body awareness and a somatic approach to healing. She is certified in the ancient Japanese energy healing technique of Reiki. She leads sound healing and meditation workshops, and she’s a certified yoga instructor.

Zee’s guidance helps you channel the healing energy that is already inside of you, your inner self, your higher self, your true power.  Learn more at www.lunavibrations.com.

Contact: (720) 306-1250 or zhalisa@lunavibrations.com

Jennifer Moss

Throughout Dr. Moss’ career her focus has been helping people access their brightest and seemingly unreachable Self.  Then making this Best Self into a reality.  There are specific techniques in mediation and psychotherapy that are most effective in allowing people to embody their Best Self. 

Jennifer Moss, Psy.D., received her B.A. in psychology at UC Berkeley.  While there she studied Buddhist Psychology and dove deep into the study of Buddhism.  She continued her education at California School of Professional Psychology to receive her Doctorate.  Throughout her education and journey, Buddhism and Spirituality has been a center piece in studying the healing aspects of psychotherapy.  Her deep knowledge in psychology and mediation is the core of her clinical practice and meditative teachings.  

Contact: (720) 281-7212 or jennifersartimoss@gmail.com

John Nangle

Specialties: Meditation Coaching, Meditating with the Body, Yoga Nidra

The body is our connection with the physical universe, the breath is the bridge between body and mind.  Through breath, movement, and guided meditation, John helps open students to new experiences of grounding and calm relaxation.  He loves working with beginners, helping them experience what’s possible for them in just a few conscious breaths.

John brings his experience in Buddhist Tantra having studied with the Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, as well as western teachers of non-dual Shaivism, including Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis, PhD, Sean Feit Oakes, PhD.

John’s style is warm and engaging, helping students to feel relaxed and easy.

Contact: 303-362-3139 or john@enlighteningbody.com

Ali Sweeney

Specialities: Guided Visualization

Ali specializes in guiding active meditations where participants have the opportunity to reduce stress, increase focus, and enhance self awareness.

Ali has degrees and certifications in environmental engineering, nonprofit leadership, clairvoyant reading and healing, and meditation for living.  On this journey, meditation became a passion in her life. She brings a combination of professionalism, laughter, and ease to her sessions. 

Contact Info: (303) 881-1928 or alightinsight@gmail.com Learn more at www.alightinsight.com

Non-Traditional Meditation Practice

Lauren Gale

Specialty: Sound Healing Therapies

Sound Healing and Therapy is a great way to explore meditation and it’s healing qualities. Sound in itself is vibration, and so are we – as living beings. You could say that sound also has life. We all know the way sound and music can make us feel – from listening to our favorite songs or hearing a loud siren drive by. Both have profound effects on our body responses and overall psyches. 

The use of intention while meditating (with or without sound) is incredibly powerful to help shape your life and response to life’s curve balls. A well-known sound healing teacher named Jonathan Goldman has said that Frequency+Intention=Healing. 

Sound healing uses ancient and modern instruments and techniques to help the body achieve its “rest and digest” state where the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. While sending vibrations through our already vibratory body it effectively pushes stuck energy out.

Some instruments I use are didgeridoo, crystal and metal singing bowls, shakers, handpan, tongue drum, Native drum, bells, and chimes. They help the brain to “downshift” from our normal waking state of Beta to Alpha (relaxed), Theta (deep meditation) and even Delta (dreamless sleep). It leaves the receiver feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges in their life. 

I have been a musician for 25 years, 15 of which have been professional. I spent a decade entrenched in the pop industry before emerging into my soul’s true path – Vibrational Sound Healing. I’ve studied music my entire life, and studied sound healing international with masters of sound including Jonathan Goldman.

Contact:  lauren@heartnectarhealing.com 

Sarah Henry

Specialties: Yin & Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, Holistic Wellness Coaching

Meditative yoga practices that combine gentle movement, intentional breathing (or “pranayama”), and deep tissue stretching can be healing in nature because they encourage students to quiet their overactive minds as they tune into their bodies. This type of awareness allows for the release of unwanted emotions as well as trauma that has manifested as pain and tension.    

Sarah enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities how to foster self-love, confidence, and presence of mind. Her sense of humor and warmth encourage a healing and supportive space that is key to cultivating peace and relaxation.  

Sarah is also a Holistic Wellness Coach who specializes in supporting clients to discover the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Her empathetic approach is deeply rooted in the philosophies of Positive Psychology, which focuses on helping clients to flourish and to lead their best lives through optimal functioning.  

Sarah is available for one-to-one coaching sessions, as well as both private and group yoga classes.