Member Marketplace

Member Marketplace

Handcrafted, locally-made items from the Mayu community of artists.


Co-op Members, sell your crafts.
Shoppers, find one-of-a-kind treasures.


Products are selected based on:

  • relevance to meditation

  • craftsmanship

  • originality


Suggested Items

Candles • altars • prayer beads • incense • meditation cushions • meditation benches • meditation mats • prayer shawls • fountains • statuary • meditation CDs • meditative artwork • meditation journals



What are the criteria for Marketplace products?

Items must have relevance to meditation, such as a tool used for meditation, an item that inspires contemplation, or a product that assists the inner journey.

How do I submit my crafts?

Bring in a physical sample of your product(s) to the front desk during drop-in hours. Items will be evaluated by desk staff and management. Please allow 3-5 days for a decision.

When, and for how long, will my items be featured?

Items are featured based on current space available, similar or identical items on the shelf, and seasonality or timeliness. First-time products (Pilot Products) are featured for a 3-month trial period. Based on volume of sales, a Pilot Product may be promoted to Best Seller status with an extended shelf life.

How are my items priced? When and how do I get paid?

You determine the wholesale price of your product(s). Mayu will add a modest markup to account for display, marketing and sales tax. Your items may be included in periodic sales or promotions for a price never to fall below your wholesale cost.

Payment (personal check or Mayu credit) is given at the end of the 3-month trial period.

What happens to my items after the trial period?

Unsold items will be returned to you after the trial period.

Who can sell items in the Member Marketplace?

Suppliers must be Mayu Co-op members, whether Supporting, Plus, Full or Professional. All items must be original, handmade or hand-assembled by the member. Third-party or prepackaged products will not be accepted.

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