YYY Mindfulness-Based Counseling

Mindfulness-Based Counseling

Mindfulness-Based Counseling is built on the practice of mindfulness as taught by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh based on his book The Miracle of Mindfulness. Mindfulness Counseling advocates: compassionate listening, breathing, centered in the present moment, awareness of mental and emotional states with the goal of increasing harmony and peace in one’s daily life.

Mindfulness-Based Counseling also utilizes Psychologist Tara Brach’s practice of RAIN: Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture. Recognize what is happening; Allow the experience to be; Investigate with care and Nurture with self-compassion. 




Jill Lowy has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Sacred Studies. She has worked previously as a Psychotherapist and is a professional Astrologer. She served as a Minister for Lotus Temple in Chicago, Ill. and lectured in the Esoteric Arts. Jill is a sangha practitioner at Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery.  She also teaches Tai Chi and is the author of Mystical Pearls of Wisdom.