On-Site Training robert kelley

On-Site Instruction & Training

robert kelley




  • Mindfulness
  • Stress-reduction


Group pricing only. 5-person and 6-weekly sessions minimum. $15 per person, per session.

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes, including 20 minutes sitting meditation (either floor-based cushion sitting, or sitting in chairs), 5 minutes standing meditation, 10 minutes slow walking meditation, and 10 minutes of theory and discussion.



i first started meditating at age 18. i’m retired now. i was a contractor for 35 years. At age 25 i started studying in a monastic setting with Jakusho Kwong roshi, and have maintained a life-long affiliation. Kwong roshi is sanctioned by the world center for Soto Zen Buddhism in Japan as the head teacher for North America. i have resisted becoming a “Buddhist,” though, because i feel it’s more important to be independent. This independence has allowed me to develop a unique style of meditation that is much better suited to contemporary American life. i am currently working to implement a Non-Religious Meditation instructor certification program for the college and university system.