Private Instruction Sarah Horn

Private Instruction

Sarah Horn



  • Mayu


  • Mindfulness
  • Stress-reduction
  • Anxiety/Depression/Anger
  • Focus/Problem Solving/Creativity
  • Pain Management
  • Movement/Balance/Physical Integration


$90/1 hr, $125/1.5 hrs.


Sarah Horn, qigong and yoga teacher and clinical qigong practitioner, offers support on the path of holistic health and healing. In her personal practice, what began as a journey of self-discovery blossomed into a calling to guide others in living more joyful and healthy lives. Sarah’s teaching and healing are steeped in the principles of the Tao: living a life reflective of the underlying flow of nature and the universe itself, and nurturing balance in all aspects of one’s being.

Over the years, yoga and qigong have provided Sarah tools for managing stress, making life-affirming choices, and ultimately coming to know and love herself. In her work, she draws on her personal experience and cultivation, as well as her extensive training in qigong, yoga, holistic nutrition, life coaching, and mindfulness practices.

Sarah graces her teaching and healing with gentleness, openness, and good humor. She is fueled, inspired, and always humbled by this work and is eternally grateful for the gift of service to others.

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