Private Instruction Val Stepien

Private Instruction

Val Stepien



  • Mayu
  • Instructor’s location
  • Student’s location
  • Third party location


  • Mindfulness
  • Stress-reduction
  • Children/Parents/Families
  • Anxiety/Depression/Anger
  • Focus/Problem Solving/Creativity
  • Pain Management
  • Critical Illness/Grief
  • Loss/Life Transition


$60/hr per person. $30/hr each additional person.

Sliding scale available. Discounts for 2+ people.


Val has been a student of Thich Nhat Hanh’s since 2002 and is ordained in his lineage. She has, been teaching Buddhism for Everyday Life classes for the past 7 years, as well as teaching meditation and mindfulness skills for stress reduction and to enhance a sense of peace in oneself. Her style is very patient and attentive to individual’s needs, beginning where the student is, with no expectations of where they “should” be.

Val brings a calm and down-to-earth energy to the teachings and creates ways to fit mindfulness into each person’s lifestyle. She always presents an array of practices in her classes, such as Meditation for Taking Care of Difficult Emotions, Meditation for Grief, Meditation for the Self Critic, as well as basic meditation and mindfulness skill building. These skills and practices truly are a “game changer” in terms of being able to create peace in yourself, in your family, work environment, and in the world.

Val’s style is an easy going, yet dedicated style of teaching that includes the use of humor and not taking ourselves too seriously. She believes that if you don’t enjoy meditation, you won’t do it, so her commitment to you is to help you find ways to enjoy these practices. She has experienced first hand what a strong difference these practices can make in one’s life, and looks forward to sharing these methods with you so that you may enjoy a richer, deeper and more mindful way of being in the world.