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The Grief Process – Stephen and Ondrea Levine






Giving & Receiving

* There are countless meditation practices for grief. Please look at our other resource pages for additional practices.


What you’ll need: A quiet environment with few distractions

Meditation postures: Seated, lying or standing


Find yourself in a comfortable posture.

Give yourself a few minutes to simply feel yourself breathing, to feel gravity connecting you to the earth, to feel yourself in the room and in your skin. You can do this with your eyes open or closed.

Gently close your eyes. Spend a few moments feeling your body breathing.

Place one or both palms, or the finger tips of one or both hands, over your heart center. Focus on the heart center until you can feel the sensation of warmth from your palms or fingers. As you slowly inhale and exhale imagine this warmth increasing. Take your time. Let your breath be gentle and natural, without forcing its rhythm.

After a period of time, imagine in front of you someone who is going through similar life circumstances that are contributing to your grief (this can be someone you know or someone imagined). Picture them and/or feel them in front of you. As you imagine them continue to feel the warmth from your hands at your heart center.

While feeling your own heart center, imagine the heart center of the person in front of you. Begin to visualize a connection between their heart center and your own. On each inhale imagine the flow of energy from their heart center meeting your own heart center. On each exhale imagine the flow of energy flowing from your heart center to theirs. Take your time.

Continue to feel the warmth from your hands at your heart center as you inhale and exhale, visualizing the connection between you and this person who shares a similar sorrow as you. Be gentle with your breath, without forcing or straining.

Slowly begin to increase the warmth in your heart center by imagining a flame, sun, or fire in the middle of your chest. Let the image of heat and warmth spread with soothing radiance. Take your time.

Gently begin to imagine the sorrow of the person in front of you flowing out of their heart center as a dark grey mist or cloud. Let this mist meet your heart center, draw it into the fire of your own heart center with every inhale. Focus only on the inhale as you do this.

As nothing can withstand fire, let the warmth in your chest completely destroy the sorrow, melting it, transmuting it into radiant white or golden light. Take as many breaths as you need in order to visualize this transformation. Try to feel this transmutation in the center of your chest. Take your time.

Now focus only on the exhale, visualizing vibrant white or golden light flowing from your heart center to their heart center. Take as many breaths as you need. Feel radiance and compassion flowing to them. Under your palms or fingertips continue to feel warmth in your heart center. Take your time.

Gently continue the visualization as long as you’d like.

Before ending, let the image of the other person gradually fade into emptiness. Bring all of your awareness into your own heart center. Let your inhale and exhale remain entirely within your own body for as long as it feels right, letting the breath bring a sense of nourishment and completion.

Place your hands in your lap or at your side and slowly open your eyes. For the next 30 minutes or more be abundantly gentle with yourself in thoughts (self-talk) and actions.





(These are merely suggestions. Use any words or phrases that are meaningful to you.)

In this moment I connect with my heart.

With every breath I feel empathy and compassion.

Without fear or blame I connect with sadness and grief.

With the warmth of a soft heart grief melts into compassion.