Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Combining binaural beats for brain entrainment and ancient techniques of finding energy blockages deep within the body, Sound Healing increases dopamine and serotonin in the body creating a relaxing and healing experience.

A Sound Healing session uses ancient techniques coupled with modern science to entrain the brain waves to Delta, Theta or Alpha waves. Some claim it has similarities to Reiki, as it is energy work, yet it uses true vibration to clear the physical and energetic space.


$77 for 60 minutes

$111 for 90 minutes

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About Lauren

After spending a decade in the pop music industry, Lauren has stepped into a more authentic expression of her passion for sound. She has traveled internationally to study vibrational healing and brings the healing power of sound using ancient instruments back home in Denver, Colorado. She uses didgeridoo, tongue drum, hang drum, Native drum, chimes, brass toning disc, crystal and metal singing bowls, seed pods, guitar, voice and a plethora of ever-changing tools. She travels the world offering sound healing journeys and is grateful for every opportunity she gets to share her passion for healing sounds.

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