Home Christine B.

“Mayu is truly a treasure. It has helped bring calm and focus to my life, strengthened my relationships at home, calmed my physical and mental stress, increased my productivity at work, and helped me appreciate more about life. Just thinking of Mayu, even when I am not there, brings a sense of peace.”

Home Joan H.

“What I love about referring people to Mayu is the fact that there is a multiplicity of meditation practices from all walks of life, and spiritual (as well as non-spiritual) traditions represented. I can’t think of any other resource in the Denver metro area that has this universal and communal approach to something so fundamentally wonderful in our lives!”

Home Beth H. 2

“My experience of Mayu is a sacred place of study, meditation, and relaxation that encourages a stress-free life. Opening the door leads me to an instant feeling of coming home, to myself. With that, I can be ‘home’ for the rest of the day, no matter where I am or what’s going on!”

Home Beth H. 1

“Mayu Sanctuary is the kind of urban refuge that is essential for supporting freedom in everyday life. Having a place to experience oneness is a work of love. The entire staff have created an atmosphere of acceptance, kindness, and peace that benefits anyone who walks in.”

Home Janice B.

“My experiences at Mayu Sanctuary have helped me first learn to meditate and then develop a daily practice that is profoundly affecting my life.”

Dropin Lisa M.

“Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or off kilter, a visit to Mayu helps to bring back my inner peace. I am so grateful to have such a special place in my life.”

Membership Lisa M.

“I have found Mayu to be a refuge to the busyness of life. It is a place to go to recharge, to unplug (literally and figuratively!) to just “be.” As life becomes fuller and technology continues to expand, it is more precious and valuable than ever to have a place like Mayu.”


Membership Jake K.

Experiencing a loss of identity, depression and a need for spiritual guidance, Mayu provided an atmosphere of calm, compassionate, self-guided realization; toward a life full of opportunity and joy through mindfulness. Mayu will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you to everyone who has helped shaped this wonderful community.”

Membership Jan M.

“I’m a new member. I think a co-op is a great idea – it shares the responsibilities and resources.”

Membership Jeff S.

“I have found a place that I can support and use, which benefits all involved and this feels good. It is well worth the investment to become a Full Member, and I actually save money instead of going shopping for stuff I don’t need!”