How You Can Help

Expanding the Center

Fundraising Campaign


  • Garden Improvements 2017
  • Building Remodel 2018


How You Can Help


Contribute Money – monthly or one-time

Consider the benefits you have received from Mayu, and the array of services Mayu provides for others. Your contribution will benefit you directly by expanding the center’s size, scope and services. Your contribution will also ensure Mayu’s growth and stability for the wider community for years to come.




Find 5 Friends to Contribute

If money were no object, how much would you love to give? If your ideal donation amount feels out of reach, find 5 friends to help you share the cost. Not only will this make your contribution achievable, It will also generate new members for Mayu!



Spread the Word about the Campaign

Share Mayu’s donation webpage by email or on Facebook, pass out brochures to co-workers and family, or bring friends to Mayu for a visit. The more people who know about the fundraising campaign, the faster we will realize our goal.



Reach out to Acquaintances with Influence

Do you know someone in radio, TV, print media, or social media marketing? They are often eager to report on fresh, local, feel-good news. These industries have far-reaching influence – even one mention about Mayu’s expansion can spread the word to hundreds.



Offer Products or Services at the Member Marketplace Auction on Sunday, September 10th.

Do you knit, paint, bead or carve? Maybe you clean, massage, type or create websites. Offering your products or services will raise money for Mayu, and can help you network with other members. By simply doing what you love, you can generate funds for the campaign.





Imagine yourself sitting in the beauty of Mayu’s meditation garden. Daydream about attending classes or retreats in the remodeled building. The power of group intention is powerful and free!