Waqar Faiz

Sufi Meditation

Murshid Waqar Faiz, of the Qalandari spiritual path, has given his students the awareness of how to allow God’s will to govern our lives through his knowledge, compassion and ability to teach the diverse experiences of spiritual journey.

For over a decade Murshid has inspired seekers from all corners of the world with essential words of wisdom to guide them on their spiritual journey towards the ultimate reality.

He continues to spread this light through his counseling, spiritual gatherings, meditations, messages, books, and visits to different parts of the world.

“Strong are those who keep rising up after every fall”

“Always remember that happiness is not attained by remembering what you possess, but rather by the way you think.”

“We may not be able to do great things every day, but we can surely do small things every day with great love and happiness.”

For more information visit www.faizi.org