While You’re Here

It’s not easy to create an urban refuge for quiet reflection. It requires conscientiousness and participation on everyone’s part. For this reason all visitors are asked to observe the following rules when inside the sanctuary.


There is no dress code at Mayu, however you will be asked to remove your shoes in all drop-in areas and classes.


You visit Mayu for the tranquility and respite from everyday distractions. So do the people around you!  Mayu’s electronics policy stipulates:

  1. All devices must be silenced upon entering the center.
  2. No use of laptops, tablets or e-Readers in public areas (foot bath stations, drop-in mediation rooms and the retail store).
  3. Use of laptops, tablets and e-Readers are welcome when renting the private Retreat Room only.
  4. Audio electronics when used with headphones are allowed in the sanctuary provided that devices are the size of a phone or smaller and screens are used minimally, for the purpose of audio programs only.

When in doubt: No typing, tapping, texting, talking or transmitting.

Food & Beverages

Beverages in sealable, non-spill containers are allowed in drop-in areas, foot bath stations and classrooms. Beverages are not permitted in the retail store. All food items are prohibited throughout the center.


As a meditation center, Mayu is an environment for personal inquiry. You are more than welcome to arrive with friends and family, however the drop-in areas and foot baths are conversation-free zones. Any communication should be brief and kept to a whisper.