Workshops & Retreats

Classes have been suspended through March 31st.

Please consult our calendar for the return of classes, workshops and retreats.

Monthly Workshops & Retreats at Mayu

Are you craving community and connection?
Are you looking to deepen your practice or explore something new?
Are you new to meditation and not sure where to begin?

Mayu offers workshops & retreats for all levels of experience including:

Art & Culture



Trauma & Grief

Formal Retreat


Workshops and Retreats are Ideal For:


Longer sessions offer more in-depth instruction with more time to practice

Busy Schedules

Stand-alone presentations offer a complete experience with little or no follow-up

View All Workshops & Retreats on the Calendar:

Workshops and Retreats Details & FAQ:

  • Timing & Length: Workshops and retreats are held primarily on weekends. They run from 2 hours to 8 hours.
  • Pricing: Varies depending on workshop or retreat, see calendar for details
  • Membership: Your first Workshop or Retreat includes a lifetime Supporting Membership.

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